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Reason #2 to Love the Argyle

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Their blog. Same-day race reflections in the riders' own words. Not only is this so close to the action I might start feeling content with being 8 time zones away, but I'm doubly-impressed that someone in the sports world fully understands the concept of a blog. To wit, via Will Frischkorn, a victim of today's Tirreno-Adriatico finale:

Two 200 km stages later and we've arrived at the Adriatic. A beautiful day and once again some very controlled Italian racing. Really the very best training anybody could ask for as Classics prep with another unreal hard finish circuit.

And by unreal hard, I mean that other than the first 30 or so guys up Montelupone, the rest of us had to walk the final 200 meters. Solid 20+% for 2 km up a cowpath-width road. Once one rider lost it everybody behind stalled out, cars included. A couple of motorcycles crashed because they couldn't keep moving.

Silly. Straight up wrong. But pretty damn cool at the same time.

It goes on from there. FYI, the link to their site is in our teams blogroll (thanks Drew!), right sidebar, scroll down a bit. I plan to make it part of my daily reading from now on.