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VDS Feedbag

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Big day today: the awarding of the first technicolor jersey. Tshawytcha, take a bow! Also, leave a comment if you want to view your new style. Some thoughts, after Paris-Nice:

  • First, all files are updated, including the allraces spreadsheet. I have yet to take the time to master the art of making a separate team scoreboard; maybe next week. But I did cull the top scores and posted the top five in the race results sidebar. Also, miraculously, the spreadsheets are truly final, with no known outstanding fixes needed.
  • And, oh, by the way, it never hurts to check my math, in both the allraces and the Paris-Nice spreadsheets. Let me know of any problems. I managed to credit Juan Garate within minutes of giving all his points to Juan Antonio Flecha... probably wishful thinking on my original part.
  • As for how the scoring went, it's interesting to see the spoils spread around so much. Obviously Davide Rebellin's victory was far from dominant: no stage wins, third on points, only nabbed the yellow jersey on the penultimate day. He came within 26 points of the lowest possible total for a race winner. Still, it's good to be king: the GC win haul of 250 was alone more than anyone else scored...
  • ... but just. Luis León Sánchez scored 245 points, and Robert Gesink, despite seeing his win chances go pear-shaped on Saturday's last descent, scored 222 points. Sánchez and Gesink both bumped up their lower GC placings with lesser jersey points. Which suggests that maybe the most valuable rider this year will be someone who can score across the board at a grand tour. This almost never happens in Le Tour, but is a distinct possibility in the Giro (and maybe the Vuelta) where the GC guys score high up on both points and mountains competitions too.
  • Nocentini and Popovych showed the irrelevance of the daily standings, by doing nothing more than placing high on GC, and going from 10 and no points all week, respectively, to 190 and 150 points. It's nice to think of a running tally, but the fact is stage wins remain only mildly amusing. Thor Hushovd's points jersey alone was worth 1.5 of Gert Steegmans' stage wins.
  • And the final potential lesson, one hopes, from Paris-Nice: the season is long, so teams that scored next to nothing (ahem) shouldn't despair. That said, for my Giro-heavy and currently pathetic squad, May can't come fast enough.