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Tirreno-Adriatico Post Mortem

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I feel compelled to at least briefly acknowledge the end of a fine race today. Maybe it got overshadowed by Paris-Nice, with its earlier start, sexy parcours, and live video, but T-A is worthy of its status and once again delivered some very useful spring racing. The time trial (predictably) sealed the overall for (predictably) Fabian Tony Spartacus Cancellara, but gave a boost to the fortunes of two US-based riders, Dave Zabriskie and Thomas Lövkvist. The course drew out the favorites for Milano-Sanremo (can't understand the Italian spelling but I'm going with it), with both its bunch sprints and its somewhat more challenging classics-style finishes in both Montelupone and Castelfidardo. Had we been able to watch, it may have been just about as exciting a race as its French counterpart. Well, almost.

On the VDS side, all spreadsheets are updated, and though we aren't handing out a new jersey mid-week, it should be noted that a handful of teams killed it at T-A, and in particular The Bike Game (DS: Jered) will have to shrivel up completely at MSR to miss out on the Maglia Technicolore come next Monday.