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Sacchetto della Settimana Milano-Sanremo

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As you'd guess, the Milano-Sanremo media peloton is in full cry. Here's a quick rundown of stuff worth checking out.

  • There are a couple changes to the course this year... construction on the Via Roma has altered the finish, though as you can see from this map it shouldn't alter the strategies involved; same distance, same flats, no added corners.

  • The other big change is the addition of Le Mànie (the maniacs), a 4.7km climb 94km from the finish necessitated by a recent landslide on the usual route. The best description is here, from the Brits who bring you their excellent MSR site. They report that Alessandro Petacchi reconned the climb and thinks it'll require a 42x17 or 19 gearing.
  • As for predictions, VeloNews outlines the favorites. Pretty much the same as ours, though Andy Hood is looking for a Caisse d'Epargne surprise.
  • Over at La Gazzetta, barely 6% of fans agree with my MSR upset special (DiLuca). We'll see who laughs last. La Gazzetta and Paolo Bettini are all on record favoring Freire. I suppose it should be mentioned they're the Official Site.
  • CN launches its own race preview, full as always of useful information, if not daring predictions (insert taunting sound).