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A Fan's Guide to Cyclomoticons (and Images)

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Just in time for our first Monument tomorrow morn... Back on Het Volk-KBK weekend a few of us in the forum that day came up with a Leif Hoste emoticon \O/ that perfectly summarized his ridiculous arm-waiving ways... which led inevitably to a discussion of what else was out there. A couple readers emailed me with some help on the matter, and I've tried to copy some pictures, create another, and generally round up what's available. These will wind up in a special page, accessible in the Menu box (upper right).

In all cases, this is a starter menu. Feel free to invent or track down anything you wish to add.

The Basic Rule of Images

If you don't already know, the code is [img src="insert url"]... excepting of course you use < > to bracket the code instead of [ ] (which I would have done at the beginning of this sentence but then the site would go looking for an image).

A Handy List of Images

and the url to insert...

Old-School-Style Emoticons

Yawn:    |-O
Band aid:   (::[]::)
Anger:    >8O
Leif Hoste:    \O/
Michael Rasmussen:  ~:>
Pat McQuaid: >>>>>>>>>>>>O~

[For some reason, HTML reads the first Hoste arm as some sort of code, and doesn't show it, so you actually have to put in two \s before one will show up.]

OK, what do you wish to add?