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Track Worlds: Where and When to Watch

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I can't explain the first thing about track racing, but I'm sure there are plenty of others here who follow the madness. So, know that WCSN is spending the week covering the World Track Cycling Championships in Manchester, UK, including some live coverage. Here's the full schedule. Some notes:

  • Today at 1pm Pacific they'll be showing same day coverage of the Men's individual pursuit (go Taylor Phinney!), Men's scratch race, Men's team sprint, and Women's 500m time trial.
  • Saturday morning at 6am Pacific they'll be on live with the Men's madison, Men's keirin, Women's points race, and Women's sprint semifinals & final.

If anyone from the Cafe community is planning on being in person, please feel free to use the diaries and submit anything you want: pictures, reports, what the experience is like, what kind of beer they served, etc.

Update [2008-3-26 14:35:59 by chris]: Or spoil the ending here.