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Coppi e Bartali: Drive-By Coverage

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Pretty interesting race happening over there in Italy. It's funny to think of how we (I) can barely take notice of an event where Cadel Evans blows the doors off a pretty decent startlist with a solo attack on a climb, considering back in January we had time for a detailed review of the Tour of Qatar parcours.

Anyway, I seem to have stumbled on an official website. Also, coverage is on RAI Tre, which may mean that video is not out of the question, though CyclingFans isn't providing links, which always makes me think they don't exist. As for the race, Evans has a healthy lead and tomorrow's finish at Finale Emilia is pretty close to sea level, though I can't seem to find a course profile to indicate whether they reach the lowlands directly, or via 5,000 meters of climbing. Anyway, the race finishes on Saturday.

And five VDS points to anyone who can name the meat tube Niklas Axelsson Stefano Garzelli got along with the leader's jersey yesterday.

Update [2008-3-27 19:9:14 by chris]: So you know that by my lame coverage I mean no disrespect, here are Gino and Fausto, on song: