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Techs-Mechs: New Shimano

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I have heard some rumors about the 2009 Dura Ace and CN confirmed these (as far as the prototypes are concerned) this week regarding the 7900 gruppo.  The Japanese component giant does not plan to sit idly by while SRAM takes a big bite out of their market share.  What I picked up from all this:

  • The new group shaved a whopping 180 grams from the previous edition through use of titanium, carbon throughout.
  • The shift cables will now be routed under the bar tape for a cleaner look.
  • The levers require shorter throws for quicker shifting and the hoods have been redesigned for better ergonomics.
  • The short cage rear derailleur can accomodate their new 11-28t cassette (a nice touch).
  • Stiffer, lighter crank/bb.
  • New chain with quick connect link- big fan!

What I don't like: the shifters aren't compatible with the current generation stuff. This is something us Campy users just can't understand. Shimano will continue to be the lead manufacturer in disposable group sets. The new stuff sounds fantastic, and I suppose there was no way around improving the shifting without affecting the cable pulls. I just feel for the folks on the 7800 group that just dumped some serious coin on obsolete equipment.