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VDS Update

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The Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif 2008 competition is underway! And that's about it for news today.

Seriously, the process goes like this: I count 82 new teams to be entered, plus maybe a dozen which need changing. The culling of rosters is underway, and I estimate it will take a week or less before completion. At that point we'll have almost real-time scoring capability, as well as a catch-up on this past weekend's results. So...

  • Don't look for anything til then.
  • Don't look at the VDS resources page linked in the upper right corner, it's from 2007
  • Don't email me asking what's up; only email me if your team is missing from this list or if I've emailed you with problems opening your submission. Not that it's a big bother, but I've got all the emails organized so I can take action, so it's best to keep the inbox as is.

I'll keep ya posted, thanks!