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De Feejdbaage*

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[*Apologies to readers in Flanders and Holland, though I'd like to think I get points for trying. Feel free to send me the real translation of "musette".]

First off, all VDS scoring is up to date. Jered hangs on with ease to his lead. Sarah cracks the Fab Five. Also, I've added DS names so the smack talk isn't so disjointed. And for the record, it only looks like my team blows. Truth is, we were devised to storm the field at the Giro dell'Emilia. Cazart!

  • Uh oh... could the VeloNews Cover Curse strike down Greg Van Avermaet? Actually, I haven't tracked whether one exists. But if Van Avermaet doesn't win at least one race next week, I will declare its existence, write a book, give endless, tired speeches about it, and make a fortune from royalties and appearance fees. Nice quick hit, though I wish all articles about him would discuss a purported rivalry with Wouter Weylandt.
  • Relive the masterful CSC tactics from E3 Prijs with CN's Gregor Brown.
  • Folks are asking, where's George Hincapie? Well, he was nowhere to be seen on any startlists the last week, but he is on the startlist for tomorrow's Dreidaagse de Panne kickoff. The High Road website is just catching up on becoming a news dispenser, with little before last week, so I can't tell. Whatever. Ballan laid low til Dreidaagse last year, so maybe that's the hip new Flanders plan.
  • Your official homepage for the week. Also, this is even cuter than the Cofidis website.