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De Ronde: See For Yourself What It's About

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Consider this a call for Youtube videos, and a sampling of what look like some of the best. The winner of the embedded feature award goes to this stunning (if all too brief) view of Alessandro Ballan's winning move last year:

Some others you shouldn't miss:

  • One of the Tour of Flanders' distinguishing characteristics is the party in Geraardsbergen. This video from 2007 looks like it's atop the Muur, the race's signature climb, as Ballan and Hoste are seen galloping away from the pack.
  • Missing this year, but not forgotten, [editor's note, by chris] pardon the brain bubble, I meant... Added back in at the last minute is the legendary climb of the Koppenberg. This video is incredible... you can see the moment when the peloton lost its mojo, as a Euskaltel (?) rider swerved and stepped off, after which just about everyone had to walk it. Remember as you watch the suffering and wobbling... these are the greatest, strongest cyclists in the world. Also, if the Brit who was jeering at guys to get on their bike is reading this, screw you. Here's more from a little higher up.
  • I like this video from the Kwaremont for pure sound effects.
  • My Flemish still sucks, but if you can muddle through, here's a documentary of the race. Nice footage and all. It's in three parts, follow links to the other reels.
  • No sporting event of this magnitude can survive for long without being set to classical music. At least the weather looks about right.