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Welcome to Flanders Week!

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This will be a pretty festive week around the Cafe. There's racing -- 3 Days of De Panne -- but the main story is the buildup to the Tour of Flanders, my favorite single day of racing in all of Cycling. No race can claim to be the best race every year, but de Ronde is as likely as any to be a memorable day. From what I can tell, nobody wins Flanders without earning it, big time. And few races can boast such an intriguing list of contenders.

But the point of the post, and this week, isn't to denigrate the other Monuments of Cycling, it's to celebrate one great race... right up til it's time to celebrate the next one. Y'all get started; I've got some spreadsheets to deal with.

Oh, and we need a new signature image for de Ronde. The photo we've been using is a little sedate. Submissions of screaming fans on the Muur, or whatever else fits, are officially welcome.