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Please God Make It Stop... Updated

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If anyone can decipher this story, I'm all ears. My best guess is that in some almost unintelligible way, the teams and ASO have agreed on some sort of contractual provision having to do with arbitration of disputes that in some way reduces the controversy over Paris-Nice. What I don't get is how this is going to make Pat McQuaid shut up, since he and the UCI weren't party to the agreement. But if the riders are happy, I'm happy.

Now... back to ignoring this nonsense.

Update [2008-3-4 15:32:34 by chris]: Not so fast... UCI goes nuclear: six month suspensions and 10,000 franc ($25,000,000,000) fines for riders who attend Paris-Nice.

Another Update [2008-3-4 16:13:19 by chris]: Lionel Birnie has a nice summary over at Cycling Weekly.

Yet another Update [2008-3-4 16:43:6 by chris]: And Professor Wilcockson is not to be outdone.