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Vuelta a Murcia Resources

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I don't like ignoring races (after March 1), especially when they have such cute logos. Is this a domestique delivering fresh produce to their team captain? Sounds great to me.

Anyway, click on the kid to get to the official homepage, where if you read Spanish you can find all sorts of info about the race. Even if you don't read Spanish, check out the daily stage profiles, or the daily results thread, or even the list of Murcian riders in the pack.

Apparently there are no flat spots in the region, with every stage save for the time trial (st. 4) containing a minimum of cat-3 climbs. Tomorrow is the big hump though, with the race's only cat-1 climbs -- the twin peaks of Alto de Espana and Alto del Collado Bermejo -- coming in the race's final hour or so.

Last year there was live video streaming from regional Murcian state TV. I don't see a link on the homepage, but perhaps when the race is live the link will appear. If anyone has more info here, please inform.

Update [2008-3-4 16:56:41 by chris]: Thanks to Monty, there's this link you can try when the race goes live, and click on "7rm en directo".

Oh, and Graeme Brown won today's sprint over Koldo Fernandez and others. He'll wear the leader's tunic overnight before receiving the beating that lies in store tomorrow.