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Back Pocket Previews: CSC

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Attributes: A roster that would make most DS's drool uncontrollably. Generally healthy history and outlook. Admired widely for almost everything but Riis' riding career. Jens! Potential winners of every event they attend. Poster-boy Nails O'Grady.

Problems: Their grand tour GC chances probably represents their weakest element. Young guys saddled with high expectations. Someday they'll get outbid by wealthier teams for their top riders. A bit light on pure sprinters.

Key Rider(s): Fränk Schleck. After Carlos Sastre, who's turning 33 this year, Schleck the elder is next in line for grand tour captaincy, assuming his kid brother needs a bit more seasoning (let's be reasonable here, people). He didn't get much love last year, with no mega-wins in April and some bad days in the mountains of the Tour, but even his bad years are good years: 8th-ranked in CQ points at 1525, both personal highs. Maybe Le Tour isn't his bag, but with the right program he's got a lot of wins in those legs.

Key Moment: Hm, tough one. Cancellara at Flanders or Sastre at the Tour... either one would represent a spectacular breakthrough for a team with a lot of hardware already. But I wouldn't bet on either.

Passing Thought: 27 riders from 14 countries... and not a single Italian? Talk about blatant bias. Here's hoping Riis chokes on a herring.