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A Heartfelt Thanks the many of you who have responded to the request for donations to the VDS Kitty. [And, to be clear, this is a call for donations to the prize fund, not my next set of wheels.] Your kind words and gestures are all much appreciated.

Last year, our winners received beautiful wool jerseys, pictured below, thanks to donations from y'all. This year, the goal is to have the same prizes to the year-long winner and each grand tour champ, and thanks to your generosity it looks like we're on the way toward this goal. We have also had some excellent donations of stuff (pro team schwag), and a few more such donations pledged, which will make for some creative, additional prizes. So keep 'em coming, at least if your team is still in the hunt or lined up to win a grand tour.

Also, you can still order one of these beautiful jerseys from the shop which makes them. Contact me offline and I'll fwd instructions.