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Paris-Roubaix... LIVE!

Here's what you need to know:

  • Log into Cycling.TV RIGHT NOW! Don't wait til the start time, when 99% of their other subscribers hit the same server. That gerbil can only run so fast.
  • Race start time: 4:40am Pacific. This is a brutal thing, but there's little choice. The Forest of Arenberg is pretty early on.
  • No Versus coverage today. They're showing it next week. No explanation could possibly be satisfactory.
  • This thread will be open until we get near 400, or sooner if it looks like we'll hit 400 in the middle of a big sector. Then we'll move to thread #2, and maybe #3. Somewhere between most and all of you know the drill. I'll be up. Probably at the crack of 4.40. What else would I be doing at that hour?