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Paris-Roubaix Post Mortem... Unbeatable Boonen

So the sprinter wins the sprint, nothing shocking or telling about it. Usually the strongest guy wins the race, but sometimes you get a group that's all in the same shape, in which case the fast guy wins. It's possible Boonen was actually the strongest as well, and didn't feel any need to attack before the last 300 meters. We know Cancellara and Ballan had no response to him, so nobody can complain about the result. [editor's note, by chris] and from post-race comments, it seems Boonen may have been the strongest after all.

Oh, and Martijn Maaskant... where the hell did that ride come from? It looks as though Slipstream have themselves a young classics stud on their hands. Nice find for JV and co! Backstedt's intrepid career keeps dipping and diving. Hopefully he'll get one more chance to try Paris-Roubaix after a spring where things go as planned.

As for America's Other Team, High Road were sitting pretty with Lotto, Quick Step and CSC until Hincapie's demons struck again... at his tire, on one of the many stretches of the course where team cars are hard to find. Pippo Pozzato's luck was worse (crash, longer wait), but Hincapie's flat coming right before Mons-En-Pevele was just enough to leave him behind at the exact wrong moment. Be strong, and don't have bad luck? High Road had only half of the Paris-Roubaix equation covered.

Great day, beautiful race. Discuss.