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Paris-Roubaix: Rating the Ratings!

It's another accountability moment. Here at the Podium Cafe, we're all about accountability. Someone in this country has to be.

Martin Elmiger -- Rating: ★★
Crashed out, didn't he? Rating: INC

Baden Cooke -- Rating: ★★
He was in the mix til the latter stages; faded later. Rating: rated

JJ Rojas Gil -- Rating: ★
Led home the C-list peloton at 16' down. Rating: "rated"

Nick Nuyens -- Rating: ★★★
I never saw the guy. Not his race. Rating: overrated

Staf Schierlinckx -- Rating: ★★
Cofidis' best rider on the day. Rating: rated

Thor Hushovd -- Rating: ★★
DNF, haven't heard why. At P-R you need to keep an open mind about why a good rider may have disappeared. Rating: INC

Steffen Wesemann -- Rating: ★★
Right in there with the B-list. I predict he'll be the first 60-year-old to finish the race in a few decades. Rating: rated

Christophe Mengin -- Rating: ★★
25th again, with the Nuyens group [yawn]. Rating: rated

George Hincapie -- Rating: ★★★
Another strong ride obliterated by fate. Bet you didn't see that one coming. Rating: rated

Roger Hammond -- Rating: ★
Looked mildly threatening in the last hour, but consigned to teamwork. Rating: slightly underrated

Alessandro Ballan -- Rating: ★★★★★
Nailed this one. Rating: rated

Filippo Pozzato -- Rating: ★★★
... and this one. Rating: rated

Tom Boonen -- Rating: ★★★★★
... and this one! Rating: rated

Stijn Devolder -- Rating: ★
He got this rating because I didn't think he'd be given any leeway to win, not because of weakness. Attacking at 50km doesn't do much to dissuade me from this, but he played his role very, very well. Rating: underrated

Wouter Weylandt -- Rating: ★★
The understudy... with the Nuyens group. Should have made it later into the race with the leaders. Rating: slightly overrated

Juan Antonio Flecha -- Rating: ★★★★
See Hincapie. He was strong... Rating: rated

Seb Langeveld -- Rating: ★★
Made his debut. Crashed, burned, lesson learned. Rating: INC

Leif H\o/ste -- Rating: ★★★
Here's what I said: "Whatever. He'll be in the mix. And he won't win." Nailed it. Rating: rated

Bert Roesems -- Rating: ★
Never saw him. Can one star be too many? Rating: INC

Magnus Backstedt -- Rating: ★★★
I guess training on the rollers for most of spring just really can't get it done. One of these days... Rating: overrated (for now) INC (see comments for the real story)

Fabian Cancellara -- Rating: ★★★★
Probably deserved an extra star. I suppose it would help if I made up some standards for this so-called "system." Rating: slightly underrated

Stuart O'Grady -- Rating: ★★★
Defended with honor, as a lieutenant. Rating: slightly underrated

Kurt Asle Arvesen -- Rating: ★
I probably should have used this slot for Breschel, who's been better lately. No reflection on Arvesen though. Rating: rated