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Scheldeprijs... Live!

What is it? A century-old semi-classic race around the Schelde region of Flanders.

So what's the deal? Wanna win? Learn how to sprint... or find some guys interested in hammering away from the peloton for an hour or three.

Sprints, eh... so who'll be there to win? The biggest star is Tom Boonen, who's from Balen, near Antwerp and the race parcours. It's his home event, so he likes to put on a show (two wins). But Mark Cavendish is the defending champ, and High Road (Cav, Boasson Hagen, Ciolek, Eisel) plan to match Quick Step (Boonen, Weylandt, Steegmans) sprinter-for-sprinter. Also Robbie McEwen keeps coming in second here, probably wants to improve on that. Not a ton of other big names.

OK, I'll watch. Where?, 6am Pacific. See ya here, then.

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