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This is a housekeeping whi-- uh, post, so you may prefer to avert your browsers.... CrAzY week last week: three plane rides, three cities, about 500 pages of documents, one ceremony, something like 11 hours of sleep, and one seder (which itself breaks down into about 8 hours of housecleaning in preparation). So it is with great relief that I get back to nearly full-time blogging. A few takehome points:

  • Despite its non-VDS status, the Tour de Georgia is a mega priority here. Sui Juris will be on hand at some point, and has led the blogging charge while I recuperated. Fortunately it's somewhat of a back-loaded race, so nothing has been missed yet (aside from some additional waxing on the virtues of beautiful Tybee Island). We will have plenty of daily features and live race-blogging all week. Not sure what yet... but I heartily invite all contributions, especially from those who will be on hand.
  • I will be limited a bit next weekend, though that won't stop the usual events from happening here. Am trusting y'all to fill in any blanks, primarily post-race stuff, til I get free again Monday eve.
  • Don't forget, those of you who want to play the Giro-Only VDS should be getting your rosters together soon. Submissions due by May 2, noon Pacific, sent to the VD Sentry: Like so many other things here, this email has taken on a life of its own.

OK, that's all for now. Back to "work"!