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Open Thread

We just rolled back into town, after a weekend of complete media blackout. Not the ideal timing, but then, the weather here during, say, Paris-Nice wasn't conducive to camping. In any event, I have no idea who won Liege-Bastogne-Liege, or the Tour de Georgia. And this is where the genius of Cycling.TV comes in. I see now that they've uploaded 90 minutes of LBL highlights, three times that allocated to the race on Versus even before you pull out the commercials. Once the boys are in the sack, I'm sitting down with my last Westmalle and watching LBL as live... after which I will stop averting my eyes on the Cafe. Hope you all had fun.

Update [2008-4-29 1:1:7 by chris]: Ah sheit... flip4mac problems. I had to resort to the utterly unsatisfying Versus coverage, where you're pretty much looking at a product resembling local TV sportscast edits, set to the sport's most famous voices. So... Valverde... Intriguing ending at least.