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De Ronde: UNIBET Odds... Compare, Discuss, Kvetch

This is as good a place as any to start the VDS smack. For the record, I have Boonen, Gilbert, Napolitano, Haussler, Fernandez, Kroon, Hammond, Quinziato. I don't plan on being shut out... but Unibrow aren't really a cobbles team.

The Odds:

Cancellara 5.00
Boonen 5.00
Ballan 10.00
Hoste 11.00
Pozzato 12.00
Nuyens 18.00
Devolder 20.00
Gilbert 20.00
Steegmans 25.00
Gasparotto 25.00
Kroon 30.00
Vaitkus 30.00
chavanel 30.00
Freire 30.00
Flecha 35.00
Klier 35.00
Quinziato 50.00
Eeckhout 80.00