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Tour de Romandie Stage 1... LIVE!

My plan for these stage posts is simple...

On Wednesday, stage 1 offers the climbers their chance as it is up and down all the way.  The hardest of these is to Saulcy, with a maximum gradient of 15%, but this climb comes 22 km from the finish and is unlikely to be decisive [The archivio refused to yield up its secrets.  No profile for you.]  The final climb to Saignelégier averages 5% over 8 kilometers.  A good stage to lose the chance at a good GC finish, but not one to win the whole burrito.  Climbers with GC hopes will have to ride well here: Thomas Dekker, Chris Horner, Martin Velits, and Jens!  Climbers like Maricio Ardila Cano, Juan Antonio Garate, John Gadret and David Moncoutie are in with a chance, but will be wishing the climb had a tad more bite.

What Gavia said. Enjoy!