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Question of the Day

Is it time yet to open the Westmalle in my fridge?

I can't stand the waiting much longer. Chat away!

Update [2008-4-5 18:6:34 by chris]: Some tidbits:

  • Het Nieuwsbald reports the local squads Silence! and Quick Step got royally jobbed in the caravan lineup. High Road DS gets the pole position!
  • No English language source gives a better feel for the scene today than Pez. Good ol' Ed Hood, there's even a prediction! For the record, my heart says Gilbert, head says Boonen.
  • Gotta love CyclingWeekly too, for actually ranking its favorites (unusually gutsy by journo standards), as well as this description of our friend H\o/ste: "Against: Tends to choke. Tactically he's one tooth short of a full chainring." This is no ordinary, generic preview.
  • QOTD, courtesy Alessandro Ballan:
"I feel like I'm an adopted Flandrian and I've even thought about moving to Flanders for a month to really saviour the atmosphere and at the same time spend time with my family. In Flanders everybody knows about cycling because it's the most popular sport in April. I know I'm a bigger star here than in Italy."