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Brief Housekeeping

I know how much y'all love these. Hey, we can always switch to a site where someone (me) just talks at you all day, and never updates you on anything. Actually, that doesn't sound half-bad...

  • I've added a newcomer's welcome in the special pages. Oldcomers, this will not be very interesting. But traffic is up about 90% from a year ago, and with Cycling either curing its doping ills at best (or at worst doing a marginally less embarrassing job of marketing itself), I expect a lot of new eyeballs over the busy season, some of whom might not remember Teun Van Vliet. It's worth at least trying to make them not feel like they just stepped into the middle of a very strange conversation.
  • I have also overhauled the media kit, which is basically our advertising information. I've never bothered to cast around for ads much before, but I think traffic may be reaching the levels where it's not out of the question. And I could use some ads... not for the money, but just because I think it would lend gravitas to my opinions. Problem is, I don't really know anyone. So, if you work with companies who typically advertise to Cycling fans, or have contacts engaged in such ventures, and you're willing to pass along some contact info, please email me at Much obliged!
  • Diaries... We're hitting the busy season, which naturally coincides with most of my biggest day-job deadlines of the past 8 months or so. So (prod, prod) any and all help chronicling the big races will be appreciated as always. Rule of thumb: stage races are always tough to keep up with... but if you have 1500 words in you about some aspect of Paris-Roubaix, fire away. I will be blogging ad nauseum about the Queen of the Classics starting about 20 minutes after Gent-Wevelgem, but in the blogosphere less is not more.
  • Once a month I am going to gently suggest that anyone who wishes to donate to the VDS kitty should contact me offline. Last year's winners (grand tour comps) all got brand-new wool Podium Cafe jerseys for their brilliance, thanks to donated funds. This year several of you have already kicked in, both $$ and gear, so we have prizes regardless. But here too, less is not more. Update [2008-4-9 13:40:6 by chris]: I have added a paypal account that uses the official Podium Cafe contact: Grazie! Second Update [2008-4-9 17:4:19 by chris]: No paypal access? Best alternative is to donate gear: pro wear, hardware, even a nice book?
  • Speaking of the VDS, the Giro d'Italia isn't far off, and we will be launching our Giro-only VDS program. Details next week, maybe Monday. If you already have a year-long team, ignore this, you're ineligible... or more to the point, you're already playing.