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Gent-Wevelgem Post-Race Chatter and VDS Smak

Not much time before we shift the collective gears into the 53x11, a/k/a Paris-Roubaix. But I had a few thoughts on the way in:

  • Strongest: Pozzato, O'Grady, Gilbert, Quinziato, possibly in that order. Pippo looked terrific, but 65km is too far out for a break. He seems to be having trouble finding a course that suits him these days; it's not for lack of form. As for the O'Grady/Quizno move, after the Kemmelberg is too late. The sprinters' teams can smell blood by then.
  • Speaking of which, High Road seemed to make all the right moves to set things up for Cavendish - their only hope against Freire. So where was Cavendish? He may be blameless; things happen. But I'm interested to hear an explanation. Anyway, THR are clicking heading into Sunday, their best shot this week in any event.

Of course Unibrow got crushed. I'm sure somewhere Francesco Chicchi is cleaning up in a minor race today.