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Reunited... and It Feels So Good!

From Tom Boonen's Mom's diary on Tom's website:

Our team though has been enforced with the lovely and familiar face of ... Lore. This feels fine. She is a part that makes the chain work well. My mother's instinct tells me that this is good. Like the last piece of a jigsaw. You put it in its place and the picture is perfect.

I hope the press grant them their privacy so they have the space and rest everyone has a right to.

Fat flippin chance Mom. The press? Look, asking them to show restraint only pours more gas on the fire. Anyway, Tom and Lore were an item back when he was winning everything in sight. Well, he won the green jersey without her in his life, so maybe she doesn't affect his grand tour form. But still, if he wasn't the overwhelming favorite for this Sunday already, he is now. Love conquers all, even the cobbles.

Now if she could limit her interactions with Tommeke for the next few days to serving him carbohydrates...