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Giro VDS Comp: 24 Hour Deadline Notice!

Update [2008-5-2 13:7:47 by chris]: Reposted... Two hours til closing time! Those of you who have submitted rosters but have errors, please check in with me ASAP. Not sure you have an error? Check your email.

For those of you planning to throw a team in for the Giro d'Italia Virtual Directeur Sportif contest, this is your last warning! The deadline is tomorrow, Noon Pacific time. Email your entries to the VD Sentry:

A few things to remember:

  • If you are one of the 140 or so people who have a year-long VDS team, you cannot enter a Giro-only team! This notice is for people who missed the year-long but still want to play. Year-long DSs, your team is already entered. And, of course, no double-dipping.
  • Entering a team? Check out Cycling Fever's startlist which is appended to their own competition, for the latest info.
  • Which reminds me, anyone and everyone who likes this stuff should play the CyclingFever Giro Contest. You'll almost certainly get schooled by a bunch of hardcore Dutch cycling fans, but it's free!

Questions? Comments?