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Giro d'Italia Stage 2... LIVE!

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Well, maybe. Presumably RAI will be in business today, and maybe Jens can send some more Scandinavian stream links as well. Check for options too. Because Cycling.TV doesn't work on Sundays; they punt it over to Versus, which is on from 1-3pm Pacific. Considering that the stage might be a bit mellow for a while, two hours should make for some decent coverage, if you opt for the delayed broadcast.

The finale should be great, and Slipstream will be hard-pressed to save a six-second lead from the circling pack of wolves. The last 3.7km climbs at 5.5%, a grade which will invite the Ardennes riders to the fore. Look for Joaquim Rodriguez, Davide Rebellin, Paolo Bettini, and maybe Danilo DiLuca itching to light up the road after a quiet spring. Other possibilities are any of the myriad climbers not tagged for a GC spot, and some serious breakaway attempts.

Enjoy! Oh, and happy Mother's Day!