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Giro d'Italia Stage 3: Catania - Milazzo... LIVE!

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Travel day today. Good thing too, I wouldn't want to watch my favorite race roll past the scene of my favorite week ever. Ah well, there'll be time to catch the as-live eventually. This stage has all the makings of a sprinters' stage, albeit a very scenic one. Given the relative scarcity of stages which end with 130 or so km of flats, there's no way the sprinters' teams will let the opportunity get away. Of course, one of them is Liquigas (Bennati), and they'll already be engaged at the front, protecting Pellizotti's 1" lead in pink. High Road will also be anxious to make good, and Silence! Lotto are looking at perhaps their only day of relevance. My $ is on Benna. Enjoy!