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Sacchetto del Giorno

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This isn't a proper feedbag, since I've been out of the loop all day and am not feeling very well informed, but I have discovered a few nuggets.


  • Daniele Bennati's win today was his first ever stage of the Giro, largely because he'd never ridden it before. For whatever reason, his former employer Lampre didn't send him, and I'll hazard a guess that with Damiano Cunego in the fold they simply didn't want to bring a sprinters' squad the last couple years. Even Napolitano was left off in 2006.
  • Weather all over the Boot Tuesday looks like crap for the foreseeable future. Somehow I doubt whatever afflicts the Sicilian tarmac isn't going to be much better in Calabria. Hopefully there won't be any surprises for the peloton, and carnage will be at a minimum.
  • The finish might not be a problem, at least. Granted, my information comes via Sherlock, but the finishing straight is on the Lungomare, the road along the beach, rather than in the town center. Pazzo hasn't launched a Giro stage before, but Catanzaro is hosting the finish for the sixth time ('30, '54, '65, '72/Merckx!, '96). 
  • If you're watching this stage and have kids, you shouldn't miss Strega Nona, a tale of life in Calabria. Just sayin.