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I'm off to the Giro d'Italia

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Arrivederci, Podium Cafe gang.  I leave for Italy on Friday morning.  Like I did last year, I'll be posting from the Giro whenever I can, depending on the availability of internet access.

I haven't done any posts yet on the revamped website, so this is partly a test post, to see how things work before I leave.  I'll give you a little rundown of what I'll be doing in Italy.

I arrive in Milan on Saturday, and my plan is to head down to Urbino to catch the finish of the time trial there on Tuesday.  Bus schedules permitting (Urbino is not on the rail lines), I should also be able to catch the stage start in Urbania on Wednesday.  Then it's back up to Milano to get my bike out of luggage storage and join the bike tour group I'll be traveling with for the last ten days of the race.  My first day at the Giro with my bike will be the stage to Alpe di Pampeago, where I hope to attempt to ride the final climb.

Wish me luck on the climbs!  We still had snow and ice on the ground here in Minnesota until around a month ago, so I only have about 600 miles in my legs this year, and they're all midwestern flatlander miles.  The Dolomites are going to kick my ass!

I want to try out the insert-photo option, so here's one of my shots from last year (on Monte Zoncolan), as a test: