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Happy Bike-2-Work Day!

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Kind of a momentous occasion: today is National Bike to Work Day, not to mention being at the end of Bike to Work Week, in the midst of Bike to Work Month. Read all about it here. The Burke-Gilman trail was a bit of a scene this morning. I scored three sports drinks and a bottle. Talking Rain had a very generous booth at UW; good stuff. Favorite was NUUN, whose booth in the U-district enabled me not only to understand what their name is, but to try some of their very clever sugar-free electrolyte tabs. Excellent idea: tabs mean carrying fewer bottles on long rides, if you know where to get water, and no reason to ever buy Gatorade (yecch) again. They've earned their free pub... and now I've earned my free water bottle. No small matter was that the jet stream cooperated here too, carting off our low pressure to Juneau, where it belongs. [joking, joking...]. Somehow I don't think I'd have seen as many women riding in sun dresses on a normal Seattle spring day.

Anyway, big ups to everyone who joined the celebration and rode in today. Remember, thanks to our hopeless transportation system, you are among the lucky few for whom this is even a slightly realistic option. And negative ups to the guy with the bike-hating dog in his pannier. Surely the city's busiest bike path, on bike2work day, is about the last place you and your angry little friend belong. But hey, big tent and all that. Beats driving, regardless.