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Rest Day Thread

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Giro_mediumNice job by the Giro d'Italia organizers so far. Yep, there are some nits to pick with the course, and the transfers, but it's been a solid first week in two ways. First, relatively watchable. Not significant in and of itself, but have you ever waited around for the Tour to start for what seems like three months, only to feel like you wanted to tear out your eyeballs by stage 8? The Giro takes care of its audience, to be sure.

Secondly, the action hasn't been a mere show; it's forced a certain class of contenders to show what they have. Unlike the Tour, the Giro is won a handful of different ways, not merely by the Indurain Method or the Armstrong Method, either of which strictly forbids contesting anything but the time trials and mountain stages. DiLuca proved last year that a combination of efforts can make the grade, even if you get somewhat outclassed in the mountains. Savoldelli won by descending well. Twice.

The Giro might yet have a dominant InduStrong character to nullify all the intrigue, but there's no telling just yet. Until then, the race is crowded with characters worth watching... or has been up til now. It's had a lot of days where it at least seemed like something is happening. It's this way, because the organizers want it to be. And because the race is flooded with Italians in contention for the overall, other jerseys, stages. [Off subject, but seriously, we need French Cycling to get back in the game.]

Chances are things will get a lot clearer after Tuesday, and it will start to look like a normal grand tour. By the top of the Plan de Corones, the first week will likely be a distant memory. But it's been a good one.