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Well that sucked. 

Apparently there was a major outage with some provider that took down all of SBNation this morning, along with god only knows what else. What had been a very interesting morning to watch the Giro turned into... well, an interesting morning to watch, without the benefit of our site. Fortunately, there wasn't a whole lot to discuss, as (unfortunately) Gabriele Bosisio crashed out of what might have been a terrific move, leaving a harmless breakaway up the road and a mass sprint behind.

We at the Podium Cafe apologize for the outage. It won't happen again. No, really... actually we're in our third season and this is the first such occurrence, so I'm unconcerned. Still, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with this site, so every registered user will receive in their bank account this morning a sum equivalent to your Podium Cafe registration fee.

OK, no more screwing around. Back to the action... Cheers!

[UPDATE] The situation has been diagnosed and the problem identified:

[h/t Crashdan]