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Open Thread

Giro_mediumLike the peloton, today is a day for preparations more than action. I'm not sure how much more there is to say here about tomorrow's stage, though I plan to dig around for some more detailed climb info, and would love to see any pictures people care to share from the various climbs looming over the Giro this long weekend. Another errand is to find some useful avatars for the live threads, including something to replace our traditional "kaboom!"... won't be too difficult. Anyway, this is an open thread for any and all musings on the weekend's action, our enjoyment thereof, and VDS implications. 

To whet the appetite, here's Heras vs. Pantani on the Pampeago [warning: bad metal soundtrack...].

Giro d´Italia 1999 / Stage 19 / Alpe Di Pampeago, 164 kms (via martinikadlini)