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Tour de Romandie Stage 4... LIVE!

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Here we go again...

The race lead should be in the hands of a good chrono guy before stage 4.  Enjoy it while it lasts, Mr. Chrono.  Stage 4 is for the climbers, finishing at the top of the Sierre climb in Zinal.  Around 40km to go, a lengthy climb pops up, the categorie 1 Chandolin, with an average gradient of more than 7% [Gav's note: The profile on this one may be wrong, but I think it's the correct climb.  No guarantees, warranties].  It's a lovely day for a breakaway if you're of the climbing persuasion.  But with only one more day to race, it's unlikely the adventurers will get too far.  The GC should be all but decided by the end of this stage.

What Gavia said. Swish!