I'm done with Versus

I tried.  Really, I tried to watch the Versus coverage of Tour de Georgia and Romandie today.

But, honestly, it's just too pathetic to put up with.  I suppose I should expand and itemize all of the ways that this coverage has become irrelevant, (not least of which being the almost complete lack of actual coverage of RACING, once you get past the "features" which are really ads and then the ad breaks themselves), but I don't have the heart.

I guess it's sort of sad, but now I just have to convince the rest of the family that we don't need the cable package in which Versus is included . . . Update [2008-5-4 20:20:42 by R Mc]: After reading comments, I guess I should add that I've got videos of CBS coverage of the 1983 Tour de France (sponsored by Winning magazine!!!) the infamous 85 and 86 John Tesh covered Tours, and a couple of Tours du Ponts (although the one where--I swear, an amateur French climber named Virenque wins into a climb in Virginia has gone missing). The point is--I've been watching cycling coverage for a while. Phil and Paul have not descended to the levels of a Duffield or Adrian Karsten, BUT Versus no longer provides a product worth my time. Especially when there are options like that provide coverage that doesn't insult the intelligence of a semi-knowledgeable fan.