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Just when you thought the Giro d'Italia was the only thing to talk about here this week... comes today news that the long-awaited upgrade of this site is happening this Thursday night. We will be kicking off the Giro d'Italia in Podium Cafe 2.0 style. A few things to know:

  • The site will look very different, and like opening the shades on a sunny morning, it may take a little time for your eyes to adjust. Don't be alarmed. You'll like it in time. Check out any of the baseball or football SBN blogs for a preview, e.g. AthleticsNation.
  • The biggest "issue" for y'all will be your login. One of the purposes for the redesign was to create a more integrated platform for the SBNation blogs. We're a bit of an island here, but among the baseball blogs, for example, there are lots of people who jump around to different teams. For that reason, SBNation is switching to a login system that gives you a single identity for the whole network.

The downside is that you have to re-register. We'll walk through the process Friday morning, and I'll explain then how you first claim your old login (and all your prior input), then establish your new login. Again, it won't require private information, though I urge people to provide a working email address. The only problem is... your existing login may not be available on the new site. If it's not that unique (e.g., Chris), it could be taken. I will be known henceforth as "Chris...", and n.b. a little punctuation is a good way to get around the issue. Anyway, if you're a member at another SBN blog, you may want to grab a new login now. If not, Friday (or whenever, later).

There will be lots of other features on the new site, but don't ask me yet what they are; I'm still playing around. But all the basic, current stuff will be here, and we'll be introducing new elements to the site as I learn more.