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2.0... in Less Than 24 hours

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Just a reminder, today is the last day before this site is completely reformatted and becomes Podium Cafe 2.0. When you stop by tomorrow you'll see some instructions on how to reclaim your login, and from there we will all have to figure out how the new toy works. For people who get into blog technology, it will be like Christmas morning; for people who don't, it will be a relatively minor adjustment while you find the stuff that you need. Each day as I figure out new stuff I will write up descriptions of the new features. But I probably land somewhere in the middle of the geek scale (do they still program in Fortran?), so I am counting on at least some of you guys helping with the discovery process and writing short posts about cool new features. This is a huge step, and by the time the Tour rolls around I think we'll all appreciate what a great thing SBN has created.