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BREAKING: Training Crash Dents Caisse; Arroyo Out?

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According to this link with help from our own King of Doping, Caisse d'Epargne's Perez Sanchez, Karpets, Arroyo and Joaquim Rodriguez were all involved in a crash outside Palermo today. KoD reports that Arroyo will have to give up his starting place to Daniel Moreno Mathieu Perget. Update [2008-5-8 18:20:21 by chris]: Perez out too; Moreno in. Bit of a sucker punch for Unzue's boys, though if anyone can bounce back from this loss (and hopefully otherwise only minor scrapes), it's CdE. Let's see if they can manage a strong TTT Saturday regardless.

If anyone sees more info, please submit links.