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Unibet: Klödi!

FWIW, including humor value, here's UNIBET's current odds for the maglia rosa:

Klöden, A  3.50
Contador Velasco, A  5.00
Di Luca, D  7.50
Menchov, D  11.00
Simoni, G  12.00
Leipheimer, L  12.00
Soler, M  12.00
Ricco, Riccardo  13.00
Nibali, V  17.00
Pellizotti, F  22.00
Piepoli, L  28.00
Savoldelli, P  35.00
Rujano Guillen, J  35.00
Karpets, V  40.00
Sella, E  40.00
Larsson, G E  40.00
Garate, J M  50.00
Bruseghin, M  50.00
Zabriskie, D  50.00
Perez Cuapio, J  65.00
Szmyd, S  80.00
Serpa, J  100.0
Nocentini, R  150.0
Van Huffel, W  200.0
Millar, D  250.0
Bettini, P  300.0

I'm not much of a betting man, but IIRC these odds have to do with demand; i.e. this is market-based thinking. No doubt the Belgian money, desperate to plunk down on someone, is what elevates Van Huffel. And sentimentality, soon to be dashed with extreme prejudice, gets Savoldelli a cushy spot on the list. Anyway, it's fun to ponder, very briefly.