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Two New Features: Tags and Sections

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Let's start with two simple but fundamental changes.


  • Tags: Didn't used to have them; do now. Most of you are familiar with them already, but basically they're words which describe the contents of the post, and which make for better searching. I've hardly ever used them, so feel free to elaborate on how they make life better. Anyway, a few quick rules of thumb: for riders, last names only when adequate. [Spanish riders might need two surnames sometimes. Valverde? one. Gomez Marchante? both.] For races, use "tour de france" instead of just "tour". I'm anointing pieces on the site with "PC2.0". For the Virtual Directeur Sportif, just "VDS". After that, let common sense (and the site's tendency to make suggestions as you type) be your guide.
  • Sections: There's a list of them in the right left sidebar. Click on the section and you'll get a list of just those posts. I'm open to suggestions here, but am trying to keep them simple and not too numerous. "News" will encompass pretty much everything having to do with racing besides live races and feedbags. I'll make a section for US Racing too, so we can have a domestic corner.
In both cases, any ideas you have about how to make these functions better are welcomed.