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Sacchetto del Giorno

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  • Over at the Gazzetta, they've published the Start Order for tomorrow's team time trialGiro_medium.
  • Usual pre-race chatter there: DiLuca says he's got his eye on Kloden primarily. Handicapping for the TTT focuses on Slipstream, High Road, CSC and Astana.
  • VeloNews is on fire today: regarding Soler, the sandbagging continues. They also have an awfully familiar-looking assessment of the startlist. Professor Wilcockson is touting Matt Lloyd to do something.
  • In the CN notes, CSC reveals its plan: defend the white jersey!
  • Some official stuff: this sponsor list is a handy way to figure out all the competitions. Apart from the four jerseys (leader, climber, points, youth) there's the stage winner, deliciously sponsored by Parmeggiana Reggiana. There's also the Fast Team, Super Team, and GP Combattivitta. Apparently the honor for the last-placed rider is still an unofficial matter. Also, if you want to buy your kid a jacket for $100, the Giro Fashion Store is for you!