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le mariage: ASO-AEG Form Partnership

Or at least, a limited partnership.

French press reports today that the ASO and the AEG, the organizors of the Tour of Cali, have reached an agreement to collaborate in the promoting of their races. The ASO will assist in promoting the Tour of Cali in Europe by seeking out sponsorship agreements and selling television rights. In return, AEG will do the same for the ASO's collection of races.

Fear not ASO-haterz, the agreement does not involve the details of the race. Instead, the two organizations will share information and expertise in promoting their races within their particular markets. For the Tour of Cali, this agreement should help grow the race by increasing its visibility in Europe. Drawing revenue from European television rights would place the race on more secure financial footing, a good thing, if we wish to see the race continue to attract the major stars of the sport. That the ASO now puts its marketing muscle behind the race offers a vote of confidence in the Cali upstart. And us? We get to watch more bike racing.

Source, l'equipe.