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Post-Giro VDS Open Thread

Giro_medium Barring math errors, check the left sidebar for your final Giro VDS results. Congratulations Vamos Alejandro! It was pretty tight, with Pigs on Wheels falling a mere 22 points short. Nobody wants to check my math... except maybe the Pigs. Anyway, I haven't done much analysis, but I'll be surprised if there's a single team in the top 10 that didn't have Sella, who edged out Ricco for most points. Personally, I have little to say; Ricco kept my squad afloat, but otherwise it was over early. As for the rest of you... Let the recriminations begin!

Whoops! Thanks to a spelling problem, Josep Jufre Pou's points in the Volta had gone missing. And now that they're back, Pigs on Wheels is down to 4th, just, behind Team Davis Wheelworks. Betcha can't guess who figured out my error. Sorry Pigs for misleading you... but it's a long season.