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CSC Invitational Women's Pro Race Photos

I should admit it up front - I managed to miss the start of the women's pro race at this past weekend's CSC Invitational, so I'm not really a very good source on what went on. I think I'm fairly safe in summarizing it as dominated - and ultimately won - by an early breakaway consisting of Cheerwine's Catherine Cheatley, ValueAct Capital's Lara Kroepsch, and Colavita-Sutter Home's Andrea Dvorak. 

More photos after the jump.

Cheerwine's 1-2 Punch: Cheerwine's Catherine Cheatley and Laura Van Gilder


Tina Pic:


Cooking (corners) with Cheerwine:


Stretched out field:


Tina Pic and Laura Van Gilder - each exactly whether the other wanted her, near the end of the race:


A Little Different: Laura Van Gilder in the background, as the press looks to the podium


2nd place Lara Kroespch enjoying herself:


Showing some hometown love for Jamaican National Champ Iona Wynters-Park:


The 2008 podium:


These and other shots of this race are also available in this gallery.  There's also a gallery of the kids ride , if you like that sort of thing (tho' really, I think everyone will want to know which ProTour team member barely managed to make it by an 8 year old girl at the line).

-Mark Blacknell for