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Tour de France: Startlist Time

Tour_1__mediumWith little racing scheduled prior to the Grand Depart (some European national championships next weekend?), this week will be largely focused on figuring out who will take the start in Brest. Jens posted CSC-Saxo's chosen nine below, and no doubt other official announcements should be rolling in shortly. [update] whoops, Hons and I are simultaneously posting here. See his update below.

If "shortly" is not soon enough for you, there are places to do some sleuthing, starting with our Dutch friends at [If you've found something more up-to-date, let us know. CyclingFever are usually pretty hard to beat, at least for announcements during the European business day.] The current list includes several teams with 10-15 riders, i.e. squads who've leaked a big list but need to make cutdowns, as well as teams with fewer than nine, who have leaked part of their team, or who have riders that everyone knows is coming. Of those with exactly nine listed, it's possible that these are more like final startlists. Those teams are:


Augustyn, Cardenas, Cheula, Cooke, Duenas, Froome, Hunter, Longo, Soler


Astarloza, Isasi, Egoi Martinez, Oroz, Perez, Sanchez, Txurruka, Verdugo, Zubeldia


M. Fothen, Forster, Kohl, Krauss, Lang, Scholz, Schumacher, Wegmann, Zaugg


Aerts, Brandt, Cioni, Evans, Hoste, McEwen, Popovych, Van Summeren, Vansevenant


Arvesen, Cancellara, Gustov, O'Grady, Sastre, Schleck x 2, N. Sorensen, Jens!

We'll be tracking team announcements as thoroughly as possible, with your help of course. Also, look for some really cool artwork to replace the horrifying official Tour logo, as soon as we make some final selection.