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Blog-Poste Domestique

That's all-Frenchy-like for housekeeping. Ah, those delicious few hours of peace and calm before the madness begins...

First, some graphics news. Thanks to Veloki (designs) and Gavia (inspiration), we will be rolling out several new post-banners for various live events and other matters specific to the Tour de France. Usually I just lift the official race logo, but the Tour logo keeps getting uglier every year, and anyway the creative powers of the Cafe can do better. Here's the most basic version:


Slick, huh? There are several more in the assets, watch for them on the front page soon.

Today I created a new section, Cafe Happy Hour. You may have noticed the tendency of people to get happy around here. You might even resemble that remark. If you had anything to do with the latest installment of "Ask Gavia" then you know what I mean. This is part of what makes this site fun. It's also only marginally connected to cycling, and doesn't seem to fit the definition of the "News" section. Anyway, the Happy Hour section label might help the jokesters know where and when to pull up a chair... and serves as fair warning for everyone else.

Very minor reminder point: you can recommend posts and comments when you feel so moved by clicking on "action", which then gives "rec" as an option. This isn't a direction from me; it just seems like people often feel moved to give props, and are doing so manually (+1, etc.). All I'm saying is, we have automated tools for recommendations and tip jars if you prefer.

Does anyone miss the polls we used to always have? As the guy who had long since run out of original material for them, I know I don't.

Not sure what the order of business around here will be, but I know it involves lots of previews of this and that. Next up will be some contest stuff; Cycling Fever is running their usual game, and they've set up a special Podium Cafe section! I need to check it out and will post instructions shortly. Stay tuned...